Lunchtime Bite: High Performance Developer Collaboration with Swarm


In the first Lunchtime Bite: High Performance Development with Hybrid Versioning we took a look at how developers can work together from git or Perforce for high performance development.

This session will focus on using Swarm for collaborative coding and peer reviews. Reviewing test results, code changes and conversations are critical to successful continuous delivery pipelines.

Find out how in this demonstration perfectly sized for your lunch break!

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Development Best Practices: 3 Ways to Make the Most of Your Code Review


As a code reviewer, what should your thought process be? What things should you be looking for? And how can you get the most benefit out of your reviews?

In this tool agnostic talk, Geoff Nicol, Perforce Security Architect, will share some of the lessons he’s learned about effective code reviews while working on Perforce Swarm.

Key takeaways will include:

  • The value of code review for your team
  • Goals to keep in mind as a reviewer
  • How to approach a code review
  • The benefits of integrated automated-tests and deployment

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Lunchtime Bite: High Performance Development with Hybrid Versioning


The most productive developers in the world are using lightweight branches, shared mainlines and peer code review processes. In this session, Jayesh Mistry, Solutions Engineer at Perforce, is going to show how Perforce "Hybrid Versioning" is the perfect toolset for this style of working.

Jayesh will cover best practices when using Git for lightweight branching and Perforce Swarm for collaborative code review.

Focusing on a live demo with plenty of chance for questions & discussion with a technical expert this will be a session not to be missed. Ideal for your lunchtime break!

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The Acceleration of Everything: Is your legacy SCM holding you back?


Are you struggling with a legacy SCM system that won’t support your development requirements?

Today's development environments require a Software Configuration Management (SCM) system that supports accelerated release cycles, massive scalability, and accommodates developers' preferences for either distributed or centralized workflows.

Listen to experienced migration experts on the key criteria to consider before you take the plunge. You will learn...

Watch the webinar to learn...

  • The 3 signs your SCM is hindering your productivity
  • Requirements for moving to faster releases
  • How to determine the impact of legacy SCM and mitigate risk
  • Migration planning tips
  • History migration options

Sign up now and our experts will walk you through evaluating your current system to find out if it is holding back your organization, and provide lots of practical information.

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DevTalk: Releasing Better Games Faster, Continuous Delivery & the Need for Speed


While the rest of the software world talks about moving to "Continuous Delivery," most game companies were ahead of the curve and began accelerating their release cycles some time ago. But their need for speed places a burden on development and release processes, impacting everyone from designers to developers to artists to operations staff.

View our panel discussion with Ubisoft, Sony Computer Entertainment and Turbine as they share their best practices, industry challenges and proven techniques for releasing better quality games faster.

They discuss:

  • Optimizing their production pipeline and development environment
  • Effectively managing geographically distributed teams
  • And maintaining high product quality while accelerating release cadences

Register now to hear how these leading game companies are using Continuous Delivery to release better games faster.

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