Get an overview of all the key capabilities introduced in the Perforce versioning and collaboration platform this year. This is your best chance to catch-up quickly on all our 2014 enhancements.

    In this webinar we will discuss:

    • Server performance and scalability improvements
    • Enhanced security with Active Directory and LDAP integration
    • New and snappier P4V interface
    • Code indexing and search
    • Streamlined code collaboration with Tasks and Mandatory Reviews

    Join us to learn how to make the most of these new features and improvements!


    The level of sophistication in automobiles is skyrocketing. And the number of critical digital assets involved is not limited to software - firmware, maps, manuals, and entertainment objects all represent important product components that must be managed effectively for high quality and standards compliance. Market demands require smaller development cycles, continuous integration and incremental feature releases while still maintaining compliance with the 26262 automotive standards.

    Experts in agile digital asset management discuss problems, options, solutions, and examples of agile car development and utilizing digital asset management techniques across a large range of digital objects to achieve agility in the development cycle while maintaining quality and compliance.

    Mark Warren, EMEA Marketing Director, Perforce
    Jiri Walek, VP Product Management, Polarion
    Lennart Kjellén, SCM specialist, Scania

    Curt Schwaderer, OpenSystems Media


    Games depend on contributions from many different team members who each have their own tools and workflows. The challenge is to bring all these people and their good work together to create high quality releases. This session will be ideal for programmers, artists, designers, audio engineers, project managers and anyone else involved in the release of a game. We'll be looking at how best practices and modern tools can be used to achieve quality collaboration across the whole team.


    Rebasing is a contentious issue in the Git community. Advocates consider it essential to remove pesky, intermediate commits, while opponents cry foul at its tendency toward overuse, and destruction of history.

    This DevTalk presents both sides of the issue and suggests a re-thinking of history itself as a first-order work product. Join John Williston, technical product manager and git expert, as he discusses:

    • What rebasing is and how it typically comes into play
    • The unpleasant side effects of its overuse
    • A better way to look at it (as a tool for making history a first-order work product)

    Certainly great tools for working with Perforce can be found scattered about the web, but in January we opened a one stop warehouse for all your Perforce tool needs: the Perforce Workshop.

    Join Matt Attaway, Director of Community Development, for a tour of the Workshop as well as a number of the tools hosted there. We'll also talk about our efforts to open source more parts of Perforce and our open source roadmap.


    Do most of your development projects include contributors from other business functions? Do your non-technical users complain about how hard it is to use your version management system? Do you need quick ways to manage your work and be able to search for those nuggets of gold hidden in there?

    During this webinar, we'll be looking at version management tools for non-technical users including Commons for document management, a new Mac OSX desktop client for syncing everyone's work and how to use high performance search across your archives.

    This session will be ideal for developers wanting to include all contributors in their projects and for anyone creating digital content that wants to get more control over their work.