Dev Talk: Hacking Perforce: Extending Tools for Better Development


Your version control system is the bedrock of your software development pipeline. Every person in your organization is dependent on it, and every group and person has slightly different needs. Being able to customize and extend your tools is critical for making everyone happier and more productive. 

Join Matt Attaway, Open Source Community Manager, for this 30-minute webinar as he takes you on a tour through the world of building tools on top of Perforce.

Matt will show you how to extend P4V and Swarm to ease and improve your users' workflows using APIs, hooks, and scripts, including tools you can download straight from our Public Depot.

Register now and join Matt as he shares his tips and tricks. We will leave plenty of time for Q and A and look forward to a good discussion.

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Best Practices for Managing Continuous Delivery Demands in Financial Services


The drive for new technologies in the banking & finance sector has increased the need for faster release cycles, and IT departments have to keep up with this market shift. While software development projects used to take years from inception to release, today’s IT departments are expected to make releases daily! Financial organisations are looking for significant updates at least quarterly, if not monthly. The rise in multi-channel banking, such as mobile and digital, and up to the minute trading floor algorithms, require IT to be much more responsive. Continuous Delivery allows you to get new features and capabilities to market quickly and reliably. But to achieve these outcomes, you need processes and controls that make sure your continuous delivery reaches its full potential.

This webinar examines how adopters of Continuous Delivery consistently follow a set of best practices that are critical if development teams are to keep projects in compliance and on schedule.

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Continuous Delivery: Benefits, Best Practices and Practical Advice from Forrester Research and Edmunds.com


Thanks to cutting-edge services such as Amazon, Google and Salesforce.com, your customers expect your company to provide the latest features and updates at an ever-increasing pace.

Whether you are designing a new mobile app, a game, a phone or a chip, Continuous Delivery is your next normal.

In this webinar you will hear about the benefits of Continuous Delivery, real-world best practices and actionable recommendations from Forrester Principal Analyst Jeffrey Hammond; Ajit Zadgaonkar, Senior Director of Software Engineering at leading online car sales site Edmunds.com; and Mark Warren, Director of Product Strategy at Perforce.

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Dev Talk: Lightweight Branching with Perforce Task Streams


We're in the trenches developing software just like you, and we're excited to share our first-hand experiences using Task Streams.

Perforce's Task Streams open the door to lightweight branching without the administrative resources and performance overhead commonly associated with branching.

Join Perforce engineers, Steph Turner and Gabe Weiss as they discuss and demonstrate how Task Streams support software development best practices.

We'll show how Task Streams...

  • Improve software quality
  • Reduce complex merges
  • Encourage experimentation
  • Control scope

Register now and learn how Task Streams free developers to deliver better quality product on time.

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Introducing Swarm Code Collaboration from Perforce


Perforce recently introduced Swarm, our new code collaboration platform where you can discuss code with your team and get early review and feedback from your peers. Swarm features:

  • Activity streams of comments, changes, reviews and more—plus RSS feeds and other social goodness to keep you connected.
  • Elegant pre-­flight review with side-­by-­side code comparisons, and in­line conversations about the code right inside the code snippets.
  • Hooks into automated build and test systems for immediate pre-flight quality feedback.

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