The Acceleration of Everything: Is your legacy SCM holding you back?


Are you struggling with a legacy SCM system that won’t support your development requirements?

Today's development environments require a Software Configuration Management (SCM) system that supports accelerated release cycles, massive scalability, and accommodates developers' preferences for either distributed or centralized workflows.

Listen to experienced migration experts on the key criteria to consider before you take the plunge. You will learn...

Watch the webinar to learn...

  • The 3 signs your SCM is hindering your productivity
  • Requirements for moving to faster releases
  • How to determine the impact of legacy SCM and mitigate risk
  • Migration planning tips
  • History migration options

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DevTalk: Releasing Better Games Faster, Continuous Delivery & the Need for Speed


While the rest of the software world talks about moving to "Continuous Delivery," most game companies were ahead of the curve and began accelerating their release cycles some time ago. But their need for speed places a burden on development and release processes, impacting everyone from designers to developers to artists to operations staff.

View our panel discussion with Ubisoft, Sony Computer Entertainment and Turbine as they share their best practices, industry challenges and proven techniques for releasing better quality games faster.

They discuss:

  • Optimizing their production pipeline and development environment
  • Effectively managing geographically distributed teams
  • And maintaining high product quality while accelerating release cadences

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Expert Panel: Continuous Delivery Best Practices Revealed


Join Forrester Principal Analyst Kurt Bittner and a panel of Perforce customers—including Procter & Gamble, Intuit, Edmunds.com and Tableau Software —as they discuss their hands-on experiences with Continuous Delivery.

Attend this webinar to learn:

  • What has worked and what hasn’t in Continuous Delivery
  • Shortcuts and pitfalls
  • Architectural considerations and cultural concerns

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Accelerating Your Product Delivery Pipeline


Featuring Jay Kidd, CTO of NetApp & Doug Quist, Director of Engineering and IT at NVIDIA

Today, the pace of technology innovation is relentless. Inefficiencies in the workflow can hamper developer productivity, slow time to market or compromise product quality, and put at risk an organization's competitive advantage. More and more companies are adopting a continuous delivery model to accelerate their release cadences. But this move requires a robust toolset and tight integrations across infrastructure components – regardless whether your industry is high tech, finance, gaming, manufacturing, energy, or healthcare.

This webinar will explore how the right infrastructure decisions can help engineering organizations:

  • release more frequently and accelerate time to market
  • manage distributed teams and work globally
  • tighten the feedback loop and deliver better products, faster

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Supermassive Games: Managing Rapid Release Cycles in Gaming


The world of gaming is one of high pressure and fast pace. Game development studios are typically working to tight deadlines in what is an extremely competitive and ever-evolving marketplace. Added to this is the complexity of creating modern games, where vast amounts of artwork, audio and animation are needed, plus collaboration with suppliers and developers around the world.

Supermassive Games is a fast-growing games studio based in the UK that, since launch in 2008, has grown to over 100 people. The studio introduced Agile methods early on and they have become an integral part of the studio culture.

During this webinar, Jonathan Amor, Director of Technology at Supermassive Games, will provide insights and lessons learnt on the company’s adoption of Agile, and how Perforce Software is helping the studio work smarter, collaborate more efficiently and keep its competitive edge in a crowded market.

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