Archived Perforce Platforms

The last supported Perforce builds for platforms designated as “obsolete” or “discontinued” are listed here. See specific entries below for the last available builds for an operating system.

Obsolete OSObsolete: Perforce will discontinue support for this platform by the date given.

Discontinued OSDiscontinued: Perforce has discontinued support on this operating system.

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Release Discontinued OS Discontinued Platform Release Notes
2005.1: IBM AIX 4.3 for PPC Release Notes
NetBSD 1.6 for x86
OpenBSD 3.6 for x86
Solaris 2.6 for x86
IBM AS400 V5R2
2004.2: Linux 2.2 for Alpha Release Notes
Linux 2.2 for x86
NetBSD 1.5 for x86
SCO Open Server 5.0
2004.1: NONE Release Notes
2003.2: Windows ME/98SE Release Notes
Linux 2.0 for x86 (Red Hat 5.2)
Linux 2.4.1 Trillian IA64 (TurboLinux Alpha Release 2)
Apple Darwin 10.1.5 (BSD)
FreeBSD 2.2
FreeBSD 3.3
OpenBSD 3.1 for x86
Solaris 1.1.2 for SPARC
Solaris 2.5.1 for SPARC
2003.1: Linux 2.4.7 Intel x86 Release Notes
MacOS X for PPC
Digital UNIX V4.0 (OSF1) static link
FreeBSD 4.6 Alpha
2002.2: Lynx 4.0 for PPC Release Notes
Reliant UNIX 5.44
BeOS Release 4 PPC (Macintosh)
IBM OS/2 4.0
OpenVMS 7.1 for Alpha
2002.1: Windows NT 4.0 for Alpha Release Notes
Linux 2.0 for SPARC (Red Hat 4.2)
Linux 2.0 for SPARC (Red Hat 5.2)
MacOS 9/Classic for PPC
HP-UX 10.20
NetBSD 1.4 for Alpha
SGI Irix 6.2
2001.1: Linux 2.0 for x86 (Red Hat 4.2) Release Notes
OpenBSD 2.8 for x86
OpenBSD 2.9 for SPARC
OpenBSD 2.9 for x86
SCO UnixWare 2.1
2000.2: IBM AIX 5.0 for IA64 Release Notes
2000.1: Linux 2.2 for S/390 Release Notes
QNX 4.25
HP3000 MPE/iX C.60.01
OpenVMS 6.2 for Alpha
1999.2: HP-UX 9.0X Release Notes
NetBSD 1.4 for PPC
BeOS R4 for x86
1999.1: Linux 2.0 for Alpha (Red Hat 4.2) Release Notes
Linux 2.0 for Alpha (Red Hat 5.2)
Linux 2.0 for PPC
Linux 2.2 for PPC
FreeBSD 3.2 for Alpha
Lynx 3.0 for PPC
Lynx 3.0 for x86
Interix 2.2 for x86
1998.2: NONE Release Notes
1998.1: Data General UniX (DG/UX) Release Notes
1997.3: MachTen for PPC Release Notes
1997.2: HP-UX 9.03 9000/4xx None
1997.1: SGI Irix 5.3 None
OpenVMS 5.5 for VAX