Configurables allow you to customize a Perforce service. Configurable settings might affect the server, the client, or a proxy. The target of a particular configurable is indicated in the table below. The next sections explain how you set configurables, depending on their target.

In the table of configurables that makes up most of this appendix, where a configurable refers to a number of bytes, "K" and "M" abbreviations are interpreted as the appropriate powers of two. For other configurables, "K" and "M" refer to 1,000 and 1,000,000.

Configurables that affect the server

Use the p4 configure to set or unset configurables that affect a Helix server. These configurables are also described in p4 help configurables. For more information on the options you have in setting server configurables and on order of precedence, see the description of p4 configure.

Changes to most configurables are immediate; you do not have to restart the server for the change to take effect.

Configurables that affect the client

You can set configurables that affect the client in the following ways (shown in order of precedence):

Configurables that affect the proxy

You can set configurables that affect the proxy in the following ways: