This chapter tells you how to install the Helix Command-Line Client (p4) and the Helix Versioning Engine (p4d) on your computer.

Instructions vary by operating system.

On Unix and OS X

On UNIX and OS X, download the server and command line client binaries into the /usr/local/bin directory.

  1. Change into the download directory.

    $ cd /usr/local/bin
  2. Download the p4d and p4 executable files from the Perforce website.

  3. Make the server and client binaries executable, if they aren’t already.
$ chmod +x p4d
$ chmod +x p4

On Windows

To install the Helix server (p4d) and Helix command-line client (p4) on Windows, download and run the Helix Windows installer (helix-versioning-engine-x64.exe or helix-versioning-engine-x86.exe) from the Downloads page of the Perforce web site:

The Helix installer walks you through the steps to install and uninstall the Helix server (p4d.exe), the Helix command-line client (p4.exe), and other Helix Windows components.