Shelving Files

Shelving enables you to store copies of open files temporarily in the shared Perforce repository without checking them in. Shelving is useful for a variety of purposes, including taking and restoring snapshots of in-progress work and reviewing other users' code before it's checked in. When you shelve a file, a copy is placed in a pending changelist from which other users can unshelve it. Pending changelists that contain shelved files are displayed with the following icon and badge: shelved changelist badge. When the changelist is expanded, shelved files are listed under the Shelved Files node, indicated with the following icon: shelved file.

When you manage shelved files, note the following:

Shelve checked-out files in a pending changelist

  1. Context-click the changelist and choose Shelve... P4V displays the Shelve dialog.
  2. Check the files you want to shelve and click Shelve.
  3. When prompted, enter a description and click OK. P4V shelves the file in the selected changelist (or, if you are shelving files in the default changelist, creates a new changelist).

Alternately, you can shelve a checked-out file by dragging it from the pending changelist or depot pane to the Shelved Files node of the changelist where you want it shelved.

Unshelve files

After shelving a file, you or another user can unshelve it, which restores the shelved copy to your workspace and opens it in the changelist of your choice. Unshelving does not remove files from the shelf.

To unshelve files in a pending changelist:

  1. Context-click the file changelist choose Unshelve... P4V displays the Unshelve dialog.
  2. Check the files you want to unshelve and click Unshelve and any other desired options. The shelved file is copied to your workspace and opened in the specified changelist.

To unshelve a file that was shelved by another user, you must have permission to check out the file. When you unshelve a file that was shelved by another user, it is copied to one of your changelists, from which you can edit and submit the file.

To unshelve a file into a different branch than the one it was shelved in:

  1. Select the Map unshelved files checkbox on the Unshelve dialog.
  2. Select the way you want to map the unshelved files to the target branch:

Submit shelved files

As of Perforce Server 2013.1, you can submit shelved files directly.

Note. If there are non-shelved files along with shelved files in a pending changelist, you must first revert the non-shelved files or move them to another changelist. You cannot submit shelved files from a task stream.

To submit shelved files in a pending changelist, context-click the changelist or shelved files folder and choose Submit Shelved Files...

Delete shelved files

Shelved files remain shelved until you delete them from the pending changelist. To delete a shelved file from a pending changelist, context-click the file and choose Delete. Alternately, context-click the pending changelist and choose Delete Shelved Files...