Defect Tracking with Perforce

Perforce provides a basic defect tracking system called jobs. A job typically represents an enhancement request or a bug to be fixed. Job definitions are customizable to support workflow. Jobs can also work with leading third-party defect tracking systems.

Coordinated Version Management Workflow

Workflow rules associated with the jobs system is supported by all Perforce clients and integrated third-party IDEs. Tasks can be assigned to users or processes by project, state, or any number of user-defined criteria. Jobs can be linked to the changelist (the set of files) that implements the work defined by the job.


Perforce job dialog screenshot

Customize and Automate

The information tracked by the jobs system can be easily customized and extended:

  • Add, edit, or delete job fields
  • Define default values, such as an array of options in a listbox
  • Implement workflow by manipulating the job state with custom triggers

Supports Third-party Integrations

A variety of integrations with third-party defect tracking tools are available. Developers can use Perforce without having to switch to the defect tracking tool to re-enter data, and managers can rest assured that workflow requirements are being honored.

See the list of third-party defect tracking integrations with Perforce