Distributed Version Control Solutions

Distributed Version Control

Perforce gives you the flexibility to work in a distributed mode either using native Perforce or via Git. The choice is yours. P4Sandbox is a complete DVCS solution that enables private local branching and offline work. Perforce Git Fusion allows management of Git environments and enables interoperability between Git and Perforce.

P4Sandbox diagram


P4Sandbox creates a local depot on your personal workstation. It lets you select a branch of the central repository to keep on your local machine, and work against it offline. You can use any of our Perforce clients, like P4V, the command-line client, or P4Eclipse, to work on your P4Sandbox instance. You can create local branches as needed. You can very quickly switch between branches using in-place branching. You can push to the main depot, when you are ready to share your work.

Git Management

Git Fusion enables Git developers to work in their preferred DVCS without any change while sharing their codebase with Perforce users in the organization. Git Fusion provides capabilities that improve the overall Git experience:

  • Create customized (smaller) repositories, selecting elements/modules from different projects/repositories to manage repo bloat
  • Collaborate better with other teams and projects
  • Access powerful Perforce tools like Time-lapse View, Revision Graph, and P4Merge
  • Prevent modifications to sensitive files using uniform access control