Branching and Task Management

Task Branches, Review, and Promotion

Modern Agile and continuous delivery workflows require rapid and efficient ways to manage development tasks in the codeline.

Perforce has task streams, shelving, and Git Fusion to help developers on their way. Completed tasks can be reviewed directly in Perforce graphical tools like P4V, P4Eclipse, and P4VS, or in standalone code review tools for a more complete review experience.

When tasks are merged into more stable branches, Perforce’s rock solid merge engine performs reliable and hassle-free merges.

stream model

Branches with Brains: Best Practice Branching Strategies

Perforce Streams [video - 3:22 mins.] and branches intelligently organize the modules that comprise your projects, along with the policies that govern their workflow. Perforce pioneered the best-of-breed mainline branching model, which helps to organize and guide development from the smallest bug fixes to the longest lived releases.

>> Download Streams Product Brief


Only Perforce can store all the data you need and organize it into an effective model, even for projects with multiple dependencies and a rich feature/customization matrix. That makes for an easy handoff from development to operations:

  • Send the correct configuration of a complex product.
  • Trace bug fixes from source code to affected deployments, or vice-versa.
  • Manage your deploy scripts and configuration files with full SCM power.
  • Maintain a full audit trail and chain of custody for deployed artifacts.