Best Tools in 2012: Increase Productivity with Visual Studio and Perforce SCM


With Visual Source Safe reaching the end of mainstream support, now’s the time to ask if you’re using the best possible tools. Don’t worry: the new Perforce SCM plug-in for Visual Studio makes migration a no-brainer.

With Perforce SCM, Visual Studio comes into its own. Now you can get the performance you’ve always wanted – support for agile development, better automation and continuous integration procedures plus effortless collaboration with a large distributed team.

Join Randy DeFauw, Technical Marketing Manager at Perforce Software, for a 30-minute webinar on how using Perforce as the SCM provider in Visual Studio will make your team more productive.

  • See how the Perforce SCM plug-in for Visual Studio supports complex development by teams of any size
  • Learn how Perforce outperforms TFS
  • Understand the migration path from Visual Source Safe