Perforce’s Plug-in for Visual Studio (P4VS) Gets a Refresh

Jul 09, 2013

labels browser

Perforce’s plug-in for Visual Studio (P4VS) shipped another great release this month. This is our 4th release since the first GA just about a year ago. As one of the developers on the product, I’m happy to see it continue to ship so frequently.

This release brings more spit and polish to P4VS, with an emphasis on label and job support. The labels tool window allows viewing and filtering of the labels on your server and the label browser lets you use labels for getting revisions of a file as well as diffing files with labels. While the jobs tool window existed in the prior release, you can now also create and modify jobs.

There’s a whole host of other features and bug fixes included. I’d like to thank all of our P4VS users for giving us feedback and suggestions. We do listen, and your feedback is driving the roadmap for P4VS as it enters its second year.

So go grab the 2013.2 release of P4VS and enjoy all the improvements!

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