February 4, 2016

2016 Perforce Versionary Awards: Calling All Masters of Versioning

MERGE User Conference

Perforce Versionary Awards recognize companies large and small that leverage the power of Perforce Helix to set the standard for innovation in their industries. 

2016 marks the third year of the Versionaries and the first year since we renamed our platform Helix. Whether you still call your versioning engine P4D or Helix, we want to hear from you. So much so that we’ll give every customer who submits an entry a $50 Amazon gift card and we’ll also donate $25 to Doctors Without Borders. 

There are 15 categories of the Versionary Awards. We will honor the winners with a trophy at MERGE 2016 (April 13-15 in San Francisco), though they don’t have to be present to win. 

2016 Perforce Versionary Award Categories are:

  • Most Life-changing Product/Service Built Using Perforce Helix
  • Best Perforce Helix-based Product Developed by Customer 
  • Most Global Collaboration Using Perforce Helix
  • Best Use of Perforce Helix for DevOps 
  • Best Revert/How Perforce Helix Saved My Bacon 
  • Best Use of Behavioral Analytics 
  • Most Unexpected Use of Version Control 
  • Most Git Users with Perforce Helix
  • Most Interesting Integration with Perforce Helix
  • Best Use of Perforce Helix in Medical Technology 
  • Best Use of Perforce Helix in the Automotive Industry 
  • Best Use of Perforce Helix in Semiconductors 
  • Best Use of Perforce Helix in Mobile Devices 
  • Best Use of Perforce Helix in Gaming 
  • Best Use of Perforce Helix in Financial Services Technology

Click here to nominate your company. Nominations close on Sunday, February 21, 2016 at 11:59pm Pacific Standard Time. Terms and conditions apply. 

If you have any questions, please contact Ivana Gaspic at igaspic@perforce.com