March 21, 2008

Configuring a TestTrack TCM Script Agent

Test Management

Works with TestTrack 2008 & 2009

TestTrack TCM allows you to support the execution of any kind of application as a "script." During installation, QA Wizard Pro scripting is configured but what if you use VBScript? or simple batch files? Or heaven forbid, an automated testing tool not named QA Wizard Pro? That's what we'll address here, configuring TestTrack TCM to execute a variety of script types.


Configuration will take you about 2 minutes. All you have to do is edit your local options in TestTrack. Select Tools > Local Options in the TestTrack client. Under Local Options, click on Add and associate the script agent to run your scripts using the file extension as shown on Figure 1 below.

TestTrack Local Options

That's it! Restart the TestTrack server and you're ready to go.

Using a Script Agent

Not required, if you're going to allow the OS to execute the scripts directly. However, if you use a script agent you'll get the added benefits of status updates to TestTrack TCM as well as the ability to tie reports back the test run. How you modify or use the script agent is a really function of how your scripts are setup, and what you're looking to accomplish with the agent. If you want some assistance in this area, Seapine Services can help you with that. You can read more about the basic mechanism of how a script is called, and download source code here.