May 17, 2010

Managing Floating Licenses with License Pools

Application Lifecycle Management

With Seapine License Server 2010.1.1 and later, you can configure license pools to manage access to floating licenses.  This gives you the ability to maximize use and distribute floating licenses across business units, divisions, or geographic locations. It can also help ensure that specific users, such as developers or testers, always have access to a license. When you add licenses to the Seapine License Server, they become part of the default license pool for the product. Use the Seapine License Server Admin to configure license pools to meet your needs. To add a license pool, click Configure License Pool. Enter a name for the pool, select the product license type, and select the number of floating licenses to include in the pool. Seapine License Server floating license pools After you have configured license pools, you then need to associate users with the appropriate pools to provide them access to the licenses. You can assign users to license pools when adding new users, editing license information for existing users, or by performing bulk license changes.