June 26, 2009

Moving Defects

Issue Management
Application Lifecycle Management

From time to time the question comes up about how to move the defects from one TestTrack project to another. The answer depends on how different the projects are. TestTrack has XML export/import and that is the preferred method. There are some key advantages to this method, namely the ability to move attachments and multiple instances of report by records and workflow events. The disadvantage is that, if fields or workflow events do not match, they are not imported. This is likely to be the case if the projects are different in field layout and workflow configuration. Text export/import may be preferred if you have different projects because you can map fields. For example, you can import the value from the "Project" field in the source project into the "Component" field in the destination project. You have greater control over which fields are exported/imported. If you have two projects that are very different in field layout and workflow and would like to be able to map things between projects, you are going to need a custom solution. Something written with the TestTrack SDK is going to be your best bet. For those of you that may need to move defects between very similar projects (archiving purposes, for example), I posted a utility for this out on the Seapine labs a few months ago. I actually just posted an updated version of the utility that works with 2009 and has other improvements. You can read more about it here.