April 19, 2011

Altera Corporation will present at 2011 User Conference

MERGE User Conference

The 2011 Perforce User Conference will be packed with more talks than ever before. Have you registered yet? Come and learn how your SCM can take you even further than you imagined! Here's how one company responded to our presenter survey:

David Neto, Altera Corporation (Altera will be among the 17 customer presenters)

Q: What motivates your talk?

We think we've solved a tough problem in a flexible and lightweight way. Some of the underlying techniques might be useful to others.

Q: What are the top three take-aways?

  1. Continuous integration is tough to do in a complex build environment.
  2. Classify, compartmentalize, and filter the change going into your integration build.
  3. Use triggers and a second Perforce repository to manage your own user-level metadata for changes going into a codeline.

Q: Your presentation in 1 tweet?

Support reliable, rapid, flexible integration in a complex build environment with compartmentalized continuous integration, and no miracles.

Q: How long have you been a Perforce fan?

Since 2000: I learned an awful lot about software release management by reading the Perforce user guide. It's unusual for a software manual to be so highly rewarding.

Q: What's your vision for innovation using Perforce?

Tackle the most challenging user problems. Everything begins and ends with understanding user workflows. Apply lightweight solutions.

Q: If someone slept while you were presenting, what would their dream be about?

Either a firehose or a hotdog eating contest. It's about managing a torrent of code change without being overwhelmed.

Q: Where's the most far-flung Perforce user on your team?

Our server in San Jose, California supports users in the US, Malaysia, the UK, and Canada. With Perforce you often lose the sense of a “centre.” (Yeah, I'm Canadian, so I get to spell “centre” that way!)

Q: Lightning round: I say “Perforce”, you say…

“Of course.” Because it rhymes, and I think I've heard it before…