April 30, 2014

Announcing QA Wizard Pro 2014

Helix ALM
QAWP 2014In case it hasn't popped up on your crystal ball yet, we recently released QA Wizard Pro 2014, the latest version of our automated functional and load testing solution. QA Wizard Pro 2014 includes JSON support, Nokia QT 5.1 support, and other enhancements to improve its performance.

New Features

With new JSON support, QA Wizard Pro can now manipulate the JSON that comes back from web servers, allowing testers to organize data structures better. You can create and manipulate JSONObjects and JSONArrays using the following statements: JSONArrayGetValue, JSONArraySetValue, JSONCanParseAsArray, JSONCanParseAsObject, JSONIsValid, JSONNewArray, JSONNewObject, JSONGetValue, JSONObjectGetValue, JSONObjectSetValue, and JSONParse. These statements can be called on an instance of a JSONArray type in Text View: GetAllValues, GetLength, GetValue, InsertAt, Pop, Push, RemoveAt, SetValue, and ToString. And these statements can be called directly on an instance of a JSONObject type in Text View: GetPropertyNames, GetValue, HasProperty, RemoveProperty, SetValue, and ToString. In addition to JSON support, there's the new GetPropertyMap statement. This improves performance by retrieving all properties from windows and controls instead of requiring scripts to refresh the properties from the target application repeatedly. We've also added native recognition of Qt 5.1 controls for Windows users, and record and playback support for Google Chrome 34. (Note: This QA Wizard Pro version will not work with Google Chrome 33 and earlier.)

Enhancements and Bug Fixes

You can now use the WebAddNetworkCredential and WebClearNetworkCredential statements to add and clear network credentials sent with web requests when running load test scripts. We've also fixed a few bugs, including:
  • Scripts running in Google Chrome could fail when bringing a window to the front.
  • Passing null to the IsDate statement returned null instead of false.
  • Clearing check boxes to exclude script lines from replacement in the Replace All Preview dialog box excluded the entire script instead of specific lines.
  • Passing " " to a SetText statement on a text box did not always clear the text when running scripts in Internet Explorer 10.
Find out more about QA Wizard Pro 2014 at www.qawizard.com/software-testing-tools/automated-testing.