February 19, 2015

Announcing QA Wizard Pro 2015

Helix ALM
Have you heard the news? We recently released QA Wizard Pro 2015, the latest version of our automated functional testing and load testing tool. This version introduces new functionality for setting a main script for the workspace and quickly running it without opening it first, modifying linked Excel datasheets, adding additional files to batches, and lots of new statements to enhance standard and load test scripts.

Setting and running a main script

Set the main script for a workspace if you need to quickly run a frequently used script or a script used to run a complete test suite. When a main script is set, you can run or debug it without opening it first, which eliminates the need to switch focus to the main script if you are working with another script or file in the Scripts pane.

Datasheet enhancements

You can now modify linked Excel datasheets directly in QA Wizard Pro and from scripts, which makes it easy to sync changes between QA Wizard Pro and the Excel data source. The new GetDataSourceColumnNames and GetRecordsetColumnNames statements are also available to retrieve column names from data sources and recordsets.

Add additional files to batches

You can now add called scripts or datasheets that are accessed using variables or other expressions to batch files to make the dependent files available when the batch runs.

Perform new actions during script playback

Use the following new statements to perform actions during playback.

Send more web requests during load tests

Use the following new statements to identify virtual users and send additional requests to web servers during load tests: GetVirtualUserID, WebDelete, WebHead, WebOptions, WebPatch, WebPatchFromFile, WebPatchJSON, WebPostJSON, WebPut, WebPutFromFile, and WebPutJSON. For a full list of features, enhancements, and bug fixes included in QA Wizard Pro 2015, check out the release notes. To learn more about QA Wizard Pro, visit www.qawizard.com/software-testing-tools/automated-testing.