September 30, 2015

Art and Technology Collide at Unite 2015 in Boston


This conference had great energy. It looks like there's been an explosive growth in the use of the Unity engine within the gaming industry and beyond. There's some pretty cool use of virtual and augmented reality appearing in leading-edge technologies, in industries like architecture, education, medicine, and corporate training.

Unity appears to be well positioned to make good on the expanding market with a solid vision and kickass improvements to their engine. No doubt they are being helped by the crazy availability of low cost hardware and software. Removing financial barriers is opening doors for content creators to fill the world with digital assets. That's good for Perforce because we already know that their world requires management, versioning, collaboration, and security solutions like Helix and our free Unity plug-in, P4Connect.

If we pay attention to the details, and leverage our experience helping most of the AAA game shops merge their seemingly opposite industry workflows, pipelines, and best practices with our Helix solution, we should have enough "street cred" to get us into the workflows and pipelines of the next wave of up-and-comers.

It's already happening. It was great to hear and see how many times version control and Perforce were mentioned during the presentations by industry veterans. I kept wanting to jump up and yell, "I work at Perforce!" Notable mentions came during the Unity opening keynotes and several of the best practices talks by companies and industry leaders like JumpStart Games and Anton Hand of RUST LTD. This type of exposure is invaluable to both Perforce and our future user base.

Overwhelmingly the message we heard on the expo floor, the cocktail parties, and impromptu meetings was the desire for affordable, friendly, fast, and well-integrated tools that balance and flex with the mixing of best practices and business specific requirements. That’s good for us because as far as I know, that's what we're focused on delivering with services and products like Helix Cloud and the Perforce plug-in for Unity, P4Connect.

If you want to see what we've been up to, check out our new Helix Cloud and P4Connect. See how quickly you can get versioning into your Unity project pipeline. It's free, fully supported, and the P4Connect plug-in is even open sourced!