December 13, 2012

The Beauty of Fast Selective Cloning with Git Fusion

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Git at Scale

git fusion logoI've been using Git Fusion for real work for a few weeks now. Using Git (and P4Sandbox) is great for me, since I'm a remote worker who travels a lot.

My colleague Don Marti is another technical marketing manager who uses Git. He set up a few Git Fusion views that pull in just about everything technical marketing works on—product launch planning, outbound collateral, demo scripts and videos, competitive research, and so on. I tried using these repos but found them a bit too big: they were a few hundred MB each, so running 'git status'wasn't always snappy, and pushes and pulls could take a while over VPN. (Actually the worst offender is PoshGit, which puts 'git status'information in the PowerShell prompt.)

So, I just set up some more focused Git Fusion views that pull in much smaller sets of data into a larger number of Git repos. That works out much better for me: everything is zippy fast again.

And that's the beauty of Git Fusion. No matter what the 'master' repository looks like, no matter how someone else set up a repository, I can set up a view and only clone what I need. That avoids repository bloat and saves me some grief. Grab Git Fusion and see for yourself!