September 23, 2014

Bingeing on MERGE 2014: So Many Choices, So Little Time

MERGE User Conference

How to choose? Last Thursday, MERGE 2014 had concurrent sessions which made it hard to choose which to attend. There was something for everyone with topics like automated testing, product technical deep dives, and multi-site implementations. I spent the day room hopping and hitting up as many demo pods as possible.

One of my favorite parts of any conference is making a connection between a term and a concept that I use in my daily operations at Perforce. Wednesday, in Jez Humble’s talk, “What Continuous Delivery Means for Version Control’, he spoke about the role that toggles play in CD. I recognized the concept from Git Fusion and how we use toggles in the product code. AHA!

I’ve been with Perforce for 3 months as a Software Engineer in Test and I'm still becoming familiar with all of our products and customers. MERGE 2014 was an amazing opportunity for me to see not only what my co-workers are working on, but also how our customers are using our products and the remarkable solutions they’ve built on top of Perforce. Come Monday morning I’ll be better equipped to test our products with our customers’ experiences in mind.

I’ve been told that all of the MERGE 2014 videos will be available on our website in a couple of weeks, so I plan to get some popcorn and binge-watch MERGE to learn even more!