December 6, 2012

Changing the Look of QA Wizard Pro’s Text View

Helix ALM
Want to jazz up the look of QA Wizard Pro’s Text View? You can change fonts, styles, and colors to customize Text View to look the way you want it to. Change how script text looks or even that pesky red squiggly line that tells you the script syntax is wrong. To customize Text View, choose Tools > Options and then click the Text View tab. Text View options Select an item in the Display items list to change its appearance. When you select an item and change any of the properties, you can preview the changes in the Sample field. You can change the font, size, foreground and background colors, and style of plain, selected, and inactive script text. You can also change other elements, such as:
  • Breakpoint margins—The margin on the left side of the Text View pane where breakpoints are displayed during script debugging.
  • Line numbers—The numbers displayed to the right side of the breakpoint margin for each script line.
  • Collapsed outline blocks—The text displayed to indicate a collapsed group of statements.
  • Comments—Text prepended with single quotes (') or REM.
  • Strings—Text strings enclosed in double quotes (").
  • Syntax errors—The wavy line under text that indicates incorrect script syntax.
If you don’t like the changes, just click Reset to Defaults to use the default settings. For more information about Text View, check out the QA Wizard Pro User Guide.