September 16, 2015

Changing a User Name is Simple with the p4 renameuser Command


A common question I get while giving demos of Perforce Helix is whether or not deleting a user deletes that user history. The answer is no.

When you delete a user from Perforce Helix, the history of that user’s work is not deleted and stays intact in your Helix server. However, if you wish to rename a user and also update the history with the new user name, you can use the p4 renameuser command.

Let’s say I have user named Gale who’s been a user for several years, but now I have a naming convention that requires Gale’s first and last name as her credentials. No problem, let’s rename ‘Gale’ to ‘Gale_Beale.’ But before we issue the rename command, let’s look at Gale’s history in the Helix server:

To rename Gale we run p4 renameuser and change from Gale, to Gale_Beale:

You can see that Gale’s history is all there, as Gale_Beale:

I hope this command comes in handy for you!