February 5, 2014

Commons Adds Dropbox Support For Personal File Synchronization

Dropbox is a great personal productivity tool. I use it for storing and sharing my documents and files and keeping my files in sync across all of my devices from anywhere I access the internet. What could make it better? The answer is versioning.

Don't get me wrong, Dropbox has SOME versioning. That is, it will keep a copy of each version of your file for 30 days (or longer if you are willing to pay an additional fee). What Dropbox lacks is the complete version history, automatic compare and merge and diffing offered by Perforce Commons. These capabilities allow people to go beyond file sharing and actually work together more effectively.

We are excited about what our integration with Dropbox brings to Commons. By linking Commons to your personal Dropbox, you can check documents out of Commons and work on them anywhere. Make all the changes you want and check your file back into Commons when you are ready to collaborate with your team. When you check your document back in, the Commons File Valet will help you through the process of reconciling any changes you have made with edits made by other users. You get the best of both worlds - easy and convenient personal file sync and cloud access along with the rock-solid versioning and enterprise-grade collaboration of Perforce. You'll find they go together like apple pie and ice cream.

Try Commons for free up to twenty users or download a free Commons license.