June 25, 2012

Coping with Application Changes in QA Wizard Pro

Helix ALM
The development team delivers an alpha build of your software with a dialog box that looks like this:

Dialog Box with Accept Button

You write 100 scripts testing this dialog box. In the next alpha build, you discover that the development team changed the Accept button to an OK button.

Dialog Box with OK Button

QA Wizard Pro offers a variety of ways to adapt to this situation without forcing you to manually edit 100 scripts. My favorite is to use the Merge Controls repository feature. Here's how:
  1. Choose Populate Repository and click on the modified button. QA Wizard Pro will recognize the OK button as a new control.
  2. Select both the old accept button and the new OK button in the application repository pane.
  3. Right-click and choose Merge Controls.
  4. Select the new OK button as the one you want to keep and click OK in the Merge Controls dialog box.
  5. Select Script / Sync Scripts with Application Repository. QA Wizard Pro edits all 100 scripts to reference the new control.
Next time you're faced with editing hundreds of scripts, use Merge Controls instead!