August 5, 2008

Did you know…? Bookmark issues, defects, test cases, and test runs

Helix ALM
TestTrack StudioDid you know that you can use folders to bookmark items in TestTrack ? Just like you can bookmark a favorite page in your web browser, TestTrack’s folders let you keep track of your favorite issues, defects, test cases, and test runs. OK, so maybe favorite isn’t the word you would use to describe these types of items, but the fact remains that it’s awfully darn convenient to be able to quickly file away special items so they are easy to find later. Bookmark Folder There are lots of situations where this can come in handy.
  • Say you are in the middle of prioritizing newly entered bugs and there are one or two that you want to come back to after you’ve done a little research.
  • It’s time to do some release planning and you want to tag items for the next maintenance release.
  • The defect you are reviewing seems familiar to you, but your next meeting is about to start. Bookmark the issue so you can do a search for similar items when you get back from the meeting. Maybe you will want to merge or link the related issues.
Since TestTrack lets you file an item in more than one folder, you have lots of flexibility to organize issues in ways that make sense to you. What do I have to do? Create a folder (or multiple folders if you want to get fancy) that will contain your bookmarked items. Check out this Folders Wiki article for more details. That’s it. Now you are ready to use the Add to Folder… command when you want to add items to your bookmark folder! Add to Folder Menu CommandThanks to one of our great TestTrack customers, Dave Kellogg, CSDP, Software Engineer, The Raymond Corporation, for suggesting I do a blog entry on this topic!