October 24, 2008

Embed TestTrack in the SugarCRM Interface

Helix ALM

Works with TestTrack 7.6 & 2008

Works with SugarCRM 5.1

This article includes the steps to embed TestTrack Web in the SugarCRM interface. You'll need:
  • Your TestTrack Web server to be publicly accessible from the Internet.
  • The path to your TestTrack Web server installation. If you're familiar with how web servers work and your IT environment, you can probably guess this. If not, ask the TestTrack administrator or IT staff for help.
  • An existing SugarCRM account and the necessary permissions to customize the global Portal.
You'll get:
  • Embedded access to the TestTrack Web client via a custom tab usable by all of your SugarCRM users.

Getting Started

To embed the TestTrack Web client in your SugarCRM interface, perform the following steps to add a Site to the SugarCRM Portal.
  1. Log in to your SugarCRM account.
  2. Click the Admin link in the top-right corner of the browser.
  3. Under the Developer Tools section, click the Portal link.

Adding the Site

  1. Click Add Site to launch the form that will add the site.
  2. Enter a Name for the site.
  3. Enter the Website address to your TTP installation. Use the cgi shortcut rather than .../ttweb/login.htm if you want to remain within the SugarCRM interface when browsing TTP.
    • i.e. http://yourserver/cgipath/ttcgi.exe?command=LoginScreen
Following is an example of a TestTrack server that could be running here at Seapine (this link doesn't actually work).