October 27, 2010

A Fast View of the Perforce Perspective


Sometimes I think I have a case of Cluttered Cube Syndrome (yes, I just made that up).  On more than one occasion, I’ve taken a look around my cube and thought “Why do I have so much stuff everywhere?”.


It’s no secret that organizational skills are helpful and contribute to general efficiency. In many ways, Eclipse addresses this with the use of perspectives. If a perspective didn’t contain a particular view (like a Perforce view) , it’s trivial to add it in. But alas, my perspectives often suffer a similar fate as my cube and become cluttered with views and editors that I commonly use.

Eclipse Workspace

A solution to this problem is to create fast views of items in the Perforce perspective:

  1. Open the perspective you normally work in
  2. Open all the Perforce views
  3. Right click on each view title and select “Fast View”

Buttons for each view will be created on the bottom bar.  All of the Perforce views are now accessible and out of the way, allowing the Eclipse workspace to be less cluttered and more focused.  Now if only my cube had fast views...

Eclipse Fast View