October 21, 2015

GitSwarm and Tower: Bringing Git to the Enterprise

Git at Scale

Never before have we had so many great tools for creating software. However, these potent new tools need to be tamed—we need to make them secure and easy to use.

Git is a perfect example. One of the most powerful version control systems currently available, it offers lots of great features and possibilities for improving your software development. But it also brings with it a set of new challenges, such as repository management and its high level of complexity.

To make Git work in an enterprise environment, GitSwarm and Tower have come to the rescue.

GitSwarm for Repository Management and Security

For the enterprise, repository management and security are key requirements. But neither is extensively covered by pure Git, which is where GitSwarm comes in.

The combination of GitSwarm and Helix fully supports both the fast, flexible workflows of Git and the scale, performance, and security required by the larger enterprise. With features like protected branches and granular permissions, it makes Git ready for the enterprise.

Tower for Productivity and Safety

Git has a ton of very useful features: branching helps to keep separate things separate, staging single lines of changes creates granular commits, rebase keeps a commit history clean, etc. The challenge now is to make these features accessible to both newcomers and experts—and enable them to be used productively. Tower provides a well thought-out interface that makes Git easy to use.

Merge conflicts, for example, often terrify even seasoned developers. Tower offers a visual wizard that makes solving them easy:

Undoing things—such as rolling back to previous revisions, discarding unwanted changes, or reverting commits—is never more than a click away.

Another example is using Git's Stash feature to temporarily save pending changes before switching branches or pulling from a remote. Tower makes users more efficient by automatically offering to stash changes when it's most useful.

Combining GitSwarm and Tower

With the recent release of Tower 2.3, we're excited to add support for Perforce GitSwarm. Now, users can take advantage of a modern, secure environment for Git with a desktop client that helps them get the most out of it.

Feel free to give Tower a try and see how it works with your GitSwarm account. Download it now and test it free for 30 days.