April 4, 2011

Have your say: the Perforce Forums

MERGE User Conference

One of the things I love most about Perforce is that it has such an engaged user community; our annual user conference, activity on our blogs, mailing lists and conversations about Perforce on social media sites bear witness to this. Not only do you challenge Perforce and make great suggestions (many of which have led to new product features, by the way), many of you are keen to share your expertise with industry peers.

So that’s why we’ve launched the Perforce User Forums. The aim is to harness that energy in the user community and bring it all together in a centralised place to go for information, advice, and discussions about Perforce, including technical tips, news and user experiences.

Features include easily-searchable topics and access to all of the content from Perforce’s current user mailing list, and for those customers who prefer to interact via email we’re keeping the mailing list synchronised with the Forum.

There are sub-forums within the forum, and each sub-forum features a list of topics, starting with the most popular at the top. Registered users are able to post and answer questions and then rate the responses, so that the ‘highest quality’ comments are easiest to find. Forum users can control how they receive updates, whether through RSS feeds or email alerts.

Historically, we kept staff posts on the mailing list to a bare minimum lest our users should feel that we were spamming them, but the Forum provides us with a much richer way to interact with, and better get to know, our user community without the same concerns. So, when you ask for guidance on the Forum, you might find that a reply comes directly from one of our top engineers. For us, it really is all about you; so check out the Perforce Forums and let us know what you think!