June 2, 2015

Hear from Forrester DevOps and Security Analysts in Live Webinar June 16th


LIVE WEBINARS on Tuesday, June 16th - Get Best Practices for Secure DevOps from Forrester Analysts

The advantages of DevOps and Continuous Delivery have been much touted the last several years: faster application delivery, better product quality, cost savings… the list goes on. What have gotten less attention are the security risks these new practices can place on your intellectual property.

Engineering and Operations teams need to understand these security implications. Similarly, Security teams need to better understand modern release practices. Above all, these teams need to work better together.

And that’s why we’re hosting a webinar featuring two principal analysts from Forrester Research who come at this issue from different vantage points. Kurt Bittner focuses on application development and delivery, while Rick Holland focuses on security and risk.

During our webinar, Kurt and Rick will share…

  • Perspectives on how modern product delivery practices introduce additional security threats to intellectual property
  • Insights on how DevOps and Security teams can work better together
  • Best practices for bringing greater security to product development and delivery

So here it is… a great opportunity to get your Engineering, DevOps and Security teams on the same page. Book a conference room together. Jointly decide what questions to ask during the live Q&A.

We look forward to seeing you on our webinar!

Achieving Secure DevOps: Overcoming the Risks
of Modern Service Delivery

LIVE WEBINARS on Tuesday, June 16th