June 24, 2015

How to Archive a Review in Helix Swarm

Developer Collaboration

We get a lot of positive feedback about Helix Swarm, but some customers are not sure about all of the workflow steps, so here's a quick review.

The code review in Helix Swarm can be in one of the following states:

  • Needs Review - The review has started and the changes need to be reviewed.
  • Needs Revisions - The changes have been reviewed and the reviewer has indicated that further revisions are required.
  • Approved - The review has completed. The changes need to be committed.
  • Rejected - The review has completed. The changes are undesirable and should not be committed.
  • Archived -The review has completed for now. However, it is neither rejected nor approved; it is simply put aside in case it is needed in the future.

Most of these states are self-explanatory with the exception of "Archived" state, which is where my fellow customers feel a bit lost.

They wonder how they can archive and restore reviews for future consideration. Which can also mean that they inadvertently created a review for something they didn't intend to. That said, the review in question can be archived, restored, updated with new set of files and then routed through the workflow.

Let's look at how to "Archive" the review:

When you open a review in Swarm, there is a drop-down at the top right corner of the review. 

Select the "Archive" option if you think the review needs to be deffered for future consideration.

Once you set the state of the review to "Archive", the review disappears from the list of open reviews.

Now, at a later stage, the project team decides that the review should be restored for immediate consideration.

Let's look at how to restore a previously archived review:

The previously archived review can be found under, "Closed" review tab. To narrow down your search further, the "Archived" review icon  can be clicked to list only archived reviews.

Select the review you wish to schedule for consideration by clicking on the hyperlinked review ID. 

Again, go to the drop-down at the top right corner of the review. Simply click "Needs Review" and the review will reappear in the list of Opened reviews.

Are you using Helix Swarm? We invite you to try it for free–it is included in Perforce Helix's free 20–user edition. Download now and tell us what you think!