July 29, 2013

How Do I Quickly See If a Test Case Was Created From an Issue?

Helix ALM
Issue Management
In TestTrack, you can easily create a test case from an issue, which is a great way to beef up your regression testing suite. When you do this, you are prompted to link the items or a link is automatically created for you depending on the project settings. Links make it easy to determine at a glance if an issue has a related test case. You can see these links when you are viewing or editing an issue, or working in the Issues list window.

Viewing links in issues

When you view or edit an item, a triangle indicator is displayed on tabs that contain information. When you are viewing an issue, look at the Links tab to see if the indicator is displayed. If it is, click the tab to view the links and verify that a test case was created. You can double-click the test case to view it. Issue Links tab If the Links tab does not have an indicator, a test case was not yet created from the issue and you can click the Create Test Case button to add one. If you are prompted to create a link when you save the issue, make sure you do to make it easier to see which issues have test cases.

Viewing links in the Issues list window

You can also see issues with related test cases in the Issues list window. You simply add a column that shows if issues have links. Right-click a column header and select an option in Link Fields list. Link Fields columns in the Issues list window Select Has Links to see if an issue has at least one link of any item type. If you have a specific link definition for linking test cases created from issues, select that definition. In the new column, you can quickly scan the list window for Yes or No to see which issues need test cases created from them. Link column in the Issues list window  

Configuring linking for test cases and issues

Linking issues and test cases is supported out of the box, but your team may want to customize the settings based on you want to link items and view link information. Your TestTrack administrator or another user with admin-level security can make these changes. When you are prompted to link a test case to the issue it was created from, a default link definition is used. Link definitions specify the type of relationship to create between items (parent/child or peer), the number of items allowed in a link, and other behavior. Your TestTrack project should have a link definition specifically for linking test cases created from issues. To create link definitions, choose Tools > Administration > Link Definitions and click Add. Use a descriptive name for the definition because to help your team quickly find information about linked test cases and issues in list windows. Add Link Defintion dialog box After creating a link definition, it needs to be set in the item mapping rule for creating test cases from issues. Mapping rules define the field values copied from items created from other items and other options. Choose Tools > Administration > Item Mapping Rules and select Create Test Case from Issue as the Type. Select the Link definition in the Options area and set any other options. Click OK to save the changes. Configure Item Mapping Rules dialog box