January 24, 2013

How Do You Learn Perforce?


elearning chart
Perforce eLearning courseware and learning paths

I love gadgets. My wife loves to cook. So while I relish the foods, she lets me “help” her with her iMac every time she…errr...gets stuck. Occasionally I see her eyes light up when she learns something new – like opening multiple tabs in a browser. So now she can use iPhoto, set up wireless syncing to her Smartphone, and does email and Facebook in multiple tabs. It took her just…let me see…six months to get there. Oh, how I wish she would let me teach her all about using iMac in a couple of hours! But I am also told that teaching a spouse is probably not a good idea.

At work, I often talk to customers who have been using Perforce for a long time, without having had the chance to spend a little bit of focused time to explore the rich feature set that it has to offer. I get it, Perforce is a means to an end: after all, who wants to ponder much over the versioning tool when what you really want to do is create world-class software? But of course, we all know the virtues of learning how to use a tool to get the most out of it – only if it wasn’t a time-consuming chore. That’s why we created Perforce eLearning: smaller chunks of interactive training material to put you on the right track, in the form of several courses that are strung together in different tracks for different roles.

So if you wanted to learn all about Streams within a couple of hours to see if that paradigm would be a good fit for your development practices, there is an eLearning course for that. All courses are interactive, complete with animations, graphics and lab exercises. Have a look at this 5-minute video to see what it looks like. And here comes the punch line: for a limited time, we are offering access to all our eLearning courses for just $150 per user. That gives you access to entire catalog of currently available courses for a whole year, as well as all courses that will be added in the next 12 months. For more details, check out our eLearning web pages.

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Perforce eLearning annual subscriptions are only $150/user.