November 15, 2017

Benchmarking Multi-Repo Git Environments for Performance

Benchmarking Multiple Repository Git Environments

Performance is a key factor when deciding whether you should adopt a new tool.

To help you understand how different versioning operations can scale, we measured performance in a large, multi-repository Git environment on a standalone Git server and the same environment in Helix TeamHub Enterprise, the new Git code hosting and collaboration solution by Perforce.

The Test: Concurrent Git Shallow Clones

We tested 10 concurrent shallow clones of Git repositories on a Git server and compared that to 10 concurrent shallow clones of Git repositories in TeamHub Enterprise. Instead of using Git commands, the clones from Helix TeamHub Enterprise used the Perforce native command called P4sync. Both tests fetched data from 1,011 Git repositories.

The Results: Helix TeamHub Enterprise Fetches 3x Faster



Helix TeamHub Enterprise

Standalone Git Servers

Shallow Clone

1hr 20 mins

4hrs 2 mins


The results reveal thatHelix TeamHub Enterprise improves fetching performance in large multi-repo Git projects by more than three times. For large teams with these environments — working on thousands of changes a day — this represents an unparalleled increase in productivity and scalable CI without additional tooling or complexity. Helix TeamHub Enterprise also:

  • Eliminates the need to use disparate, third-party tools to connect siloed, multi-repo Git projects.
  • Provides build farm support with automated global replication to scale continuous integration (CI) and reduce load on the master server.
  • Getsusers the data they need to perform builds without the full history of Git data.

Over the next year, Perforce will continue to drive significant advancements for teams using Git, enabling them to speed up builds and CI, as well as development and code review on large projects spanning multiple repositories.