May 2, 2012

HTML5 Support in QA Wizard Pro 2012.1

Helix ALM
The upcoming QA Wizard Pro 2012.1 release includes support for HTML5 controls. One class of newly-supported controls are three input types: search, email, and url. QA Wizard Pro recognizes these elements as editboxes and, like all editboxes, you can type in them or checkpoint their selection position and text properties. [caption id="attachment_11370" align="aligncenter" width="325"] HTML5 email input type, as rendered by Chrome[/caption] Progress and meter elements are two other newly-recognized HTML5 elements. Although progress bar controls are already supported in QA Wizard Pro, this is the first time we’ve supported capturing those types of elements in a web application. In addition to all of the regular HTML element properties, progress and meter controls have Maximum Value, Minimum Value, and Value properties that can be retrieved from the control or verified in a checkpoint. Currently, Chrome supports both of these elements while Firefox only supports the progress control. [caption id="attachment_11371" align="aligncenter" width="512"] Add Statement for ProgressBar controls[/caption] There are a variety of controls that are already supported in QA Wizard Pro, and are now defined as standards in HTML5. For example, the datalist tag used for adding autocomplete popups on input elements is a new standard in HTML5 that has been supported in QA Wizard Pro for a while.