August 26, 2015

Hunter Industries Strengthens QA Process with TestTrack

Helix ALM
Test Management
Hunter Industries Hunter Industries' product line includes patented gear-driven rotors, water-efficient sprinklers, weather sensors, valves, and controllers, as well as high-quality LED and low-voltage outdoor lighting. Many of their products have internal controllers that manage user settings and commands. Prior to 2010, the engineers who worked on electronics and coding were also doing the testing for the controllers, and requirements, test cases, and defect tracking were being managed with a combination of Word documents and Excel spreadsheets. This process was sufficient for years, but as the company grew, manual review of the development and testing process to ensure quality and completeness became a burden for the controller division team. While the team was already using TestTrack for defect tracking, their new software QA manager had extensive experience with competitor HP Quality Center. The Seapine team worked closely with the new QA manager during both the assessment and budget development processes, providing temporary licenses so he could fully test the functionality of TestTrack. In the end, TestTrack won Samara over. "Both [HP Quality Center and Seapine’s TestTrack] had the main features we needed, but Seapine as a whole offered such incredible customer service that it really tipped the scales for us,” said Kifah Samara, Software QA Manager.

TestTrack Ensures Accountability and Confident Results

Soon after expanding their use to the full TestTrack suite, the controller division realized a new level of certainty. Samara no longer has to spend hours manually reviewing everyone's work. With just a click or two, he can see if all the requirements are covered, easily identify any significant turning points, and confirm all the defects are linked to a test case. From a management perspective, there is more accountability at all levels of the development process, with much less effort required from the quality assurance manager and project leads. Responsibilities and workflows are crystal clear, and results are logged every step of the way. To learn more, read the customer story.