July 23, 2013

I love writing test cases...said no one ever

Helix ALM
No one likes writing test cases; they take forever, you sometimes miss a step, and there’s always something more important you should be doing. So why hasn’t anyone come up with a tool that watches you perform the test and then writes the test case for you? Oh hey, we did. It’s called Defect Scribe, and it’s a free add-on to TestTrack TCM. Defect Scribe records a tester’s on-screen actions during a test, turns that recording into a set of steps (with screenshots), and then generates a test case in TestTrack TCM. The time it takes to write clear, repeatable test cases is reduced to just a few minutes. Defect Scribe is a snap to use—you just open it and click the “Record” button. From that point, Defect Scribe records all activity and builds a detailed history of the test session, including descriptions of the user interface controls used and a screenshot of every step with the relevant graphical user interface (GUI) element automatically highlighted. Once the test is concluded, Defect Scribe generates a step-by-step written script of the test steps in plain English. You can then save this script as a test case in TestTrack TCM. But wait, did I say this was a free add-on? Yeah, I did. All future versions of TestTrack TCM will include Defect Scribe, but we thought this was too good to hold onto until the next release, so users of TestTrack TCM 2011 or later can download and install Defect Scribe free of charge. So maybe there is something to love about writing test cases, after all. Take a few minutes to watch this video demo of Defect Scribe, and see how easy it is for yourself: http://youtu.be/G63UNiR95D0