April 1, 2013

IC Manage at Merge 2013: No More Storage Wrestling

MERGE User Conference

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Versioning everything can be a little like a wrestling — just when you think you’re winning, your opponent knocks you over the head with a folding chair. Or not. In any case, very large digital assets can send your network down for the count if you’re unprepared, says Shiv Sikand, founder of IC Manage.

“The cost of network storage capacity needed to keep up with expanding design collateral is too high — engineers are constantly wrestling with storage needs. This is both a cost and an efficiency drain,” says Sikand, who will be speaking with colleague Roger Marsh at Merge 2013, The Perforce Conference in San Francisco in April 2013.

IC Manage Views is Sikand’s solution: A version-aware filesystem that speeds application performance while reducing network storage costs. This new approach to workspace synchronization and content delivery presents a FUSE-based user space file system for near Zero Time Sync (ZTS) for workspaces of any size and complexity on both Windows and Linux. Sikand has long been fascinated by how to avoid swift blows to the network, achieving technology leadership in high performance design and IP management solutions. Before IC Manage, he worked on 3D memory chips at Matrix Semiconductor; subsequently, while working on the MIPS processor families at SGI, he created cdsp4, the Cadence-Perforce integration, which he later open-sourced. Cdsp4 was the architectural testing ground for IC Manage, Sikand says.

As for the top three take-aways from his upcoming talk, Sikand sums it up: “A version-aware virtual file system drastically reduces the cost of storage needed to keep up with expanding software data. ZeroTimeSync gives teams the flexibility to instantly build workspaces at any location, avoiding problems and costs associated with long sync times. Finally, IC Manage Views is scalable, so the savings increase with the number of users and the size of the databases.”