January 20, 2016

The Innovation Studio: The Whole is Greater Than The Sum Of Its Parts


Perforce Software and the Perforce Foundation are continuing their support of the community by partnering in the Innovation Studio at the College of Alameda.
The idea for the Innovation Studio materialized by stitching together several of our community initiatives that center around a common vision: to create a hub for sharing and cultivating pathways for digital multimedia ideas in a fun, collaborative, and inclusive environment.
One of the first ventures that the Innovation Studio will host is the Perforce Open Source Game Studio. Perforce creates world class tools for the $110 billion game development industry so we have a natural affinity with this world.
The Perforce Open Source Game Studio will be headed by Perforce engineers, Matt Birky and JC Ricks. Both are game dev enthusiasts and graduates of the game design program at Full Sail University. For the past year, Matt and JC have been volunteers working with Bill Moore, Director of Technology at Boys and Girls Club of Alameda, to develop and teach the Club’s wildly popular Unity game development class. The class was a first step toward the bigger vision of building an open source game studio for the community. We know that making games involves more than coding and a game studio is a unique opportunity to collaborate on a fun project that appeals to the coders, art, music storytelling, hardware and business development community. 
With full support from the President’s Office, the College of Alameda is an ideal hub. They have donated an awesome physical space and the academic environment freely draws in mentors and participants from the college, Alameda Unified School District, Girls Inc., private industry and the community at large.
The central requirement for hosting a project at the Innovation Studio is a commitment to collaboration and inclusion. If you have an idea for sharing the space, a project that you would like to see get started, or if you would like help getting a similar venture started in your own community, shoot us an email at s[email protected].
Stay tuned for more on this exciting venture...