July 10, 2014

Integrating TestTrack with Git and Other Source Control Providers

Helix ALM
TestTrack 2014.1 introduces source control integration with Git, GitHub, and other external providers. This integration allow users to attach source files to TestTrack items when pushing changes to the source control server, which can help team members keep track of source file changes and quickly find information in their source control tool while working in TestTrack. The TestTrack administrator is responsible for setting up the integration components. First, install and configure the new source control provider CGI (ttextpro.exe) on the TestTrack web server. This CGI accepts attachment data from the source control provider and sends it to the TestTrack Server. See the TestTrack installation help for information about installing and configuring the CGI. Next, in the TestTrack Client, add the source control provider to generate the required integration key. When adding providers, you can also enter commit and file URLs to specify the format for links included with attachment information on the Source Files tab in items. GitExampleSourceControlProvidersDialog Finally, use the new source control provider API to create hook scripts that pass attachment data from your source control provider to the TestTrack source control provider CGI, and install the scripts in the central and local Git repositories. These scripts must include the provider key from the Source Control Providers dialog box in TestTrack to work correctly. To create these scripts, you should understand how to use JSON to pass data from your source control provider. Sample commit-msg and post-receive scripts are available, which respectively verify items exist in the project when committing changes to a local Git repository and attach files to items when changes are pushed to the Git Server. You may want to use the sample scripts as a handy reference when creating scripts for your integration. You can also contact Seapine Services for help creating scripts. After the integration is configured, users can attach source files to TestTrack items when they push changes to the source control server. To attach Git files to items, enter the tag for the item in the commit message. For example, enter [IS-34] to attach the commit to issue 34. GitExampleCommit To view the attached files in TestTrack, click the Source Files tab when working with an item. Click a file path or commit message to view additional file information in the associated source control viewer. GitExampleSourceFilesTab For more information about integrating TestTrack with Git or other source control providers, see the TestTrack help.