October 28, 2011

Intro to Versioning in Perforce

Important work typically evolves over time as you and your coworkers review and revise it. The benefits of keeping all your files (docs, spreadsheets, images, movies, animations, etc.) in a versioning system are many...

  • Files are safe in a central server, accessible wherever you wish (Windows, Macintosh and Linux all supported in Perforce).
  • Complete history of all changes is recorded - never again question which version of a file is the most recent.
  • You can restore any previous version and make edits without losing other prior changes.
  • You and your coworkers can change files collaboratively with no risk of overwriting one another's changes.

Using Perforce, you can version any of your files from the multiplatform client P4V, or directly from Microsoft Word, Adobe Photoshop, and other applications using free Perforce plug-ins. To see this capability in action, take a look at the short Intro to Versioning video in our Multimedia Library.