February 10, 2015

Introducing our Shiny New Seapine Product Help!

If you’ve looked at our Seapine product help lately, you may have noticed some changes. If you haven't looked, take a minute to check it out and learn what's new! New Seapine help We improved the look and usability quite a lot. Do a quick comparison to see the difference: Old help vs. new help Here are some things you'll notice in our new help.

A more modern, fresh look

We now use an HTML5-based framework, which gives us more control over the visual design and access to more functionality. We added more color to make things pop a bit and added some new icon buttons. We’re also using a more modern font that you’ll commonly see on many popular web sites.

Responsive output

If you’re using a tablet or mobile device, the help resizes accordingly and hides some controls to provide more screen real estate to read all of our helpful information. It’s easy to read and use.

Better searching

This is the feature we're loving here at Seapine. Searching the old help just gave you a long list of topics with no context shoved into the left hand pane on the page. It wasn’t so easy to use. Now, the Search field is located in the top right corner of the page. The results are ‘Google like’ – you’ll see the first few sentences from a topic so you can quickly decide if it contains the info you need. Go ahead. Check it out.

Quick access to PDF guides

If a guide has a PDF version, you can click a button in the toolbar to go directly to it instead of searching our documentation web page to find it. Keep in mind that not all guides have PDFs, but for the ones that do, this makes things a lot easier for the people who still like viewing information in a book format. PDF Toolbar

More visible access to other Seapine resources

The bottom of the page has icons that link to lots of helpful Seapine resources – documentation, knowledgebase, blog, support information, Twitter feed, LinkedIn user group, and YouTube channel. If you have feedback about the new help, or hear any from customers, please let us know.