February 3, 2015

Introducing P4Connect for Unity


We are excited to announce that P4Connect, our Unity plugin, is now a fully supported Perforce integration! For those of you who don't know, Unity® is a game development ecosystem providing a powerful rendering engine fully integrated with equally powerful design and debugging tools. Applications written using Unity can be deployed to many different targets. Small game development studios often use Unity to target multiple mobile devices.



Over time, Unity has matured into the tool of choice for game studios looking for an inexpensive cross-platform game engine. It allows developers to customize their environment using C# and.NET development tools and it runs on Mac OS X by leveraging the open source Mono project for .NET.

Perforce loves game developers.

Game companies have been our loyal customers for many years. They use Perforce extensively because of it's reliability and ability to store both source code and large assets like artwork in one system.

Perforce loves small game studios, too.

Thanks to the Perforce 20/20program, Perforce is free of charge for the first 20 users. The offer also includes access to our award-winning technical support. P4Connect is also free of charge and works without a Unity Pro or Team Unity license.

P4Connect is still evolving and you can get involved!

Unity has been moving forward on many fronts, but the built-in Perforce integration was getting a bit dated. So we recently added support for Streams, Assembla Workspaces, SSL, UnityVS and P4Config to P4Connect. We've also been diligently working to simplify developers' lives by integrating with code review tools like Perforce Swarm, and build systems like Jenkins and Maven into the Perforce development ecosystem.

P4Connect is available in the Perforce Workshop, home to our open source community. As an open source project, we'll rely on feedback from the community to drive development. Right now I'm working on a 64-bit solution for P4Connect and Unity 5.

If you would like to contribute to P4Connect, just email [email protected] and we'll be glad to assist you with getting set up. And (shhh...) I've got some great Perforce swag which I would love to share with the first few contributors to P4Connect.