August 4, 2015

ITSO Limited Expands Test Management Capabilities with Seapine Software

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Test Management
Itso smart ticket ITSO Limited is a certifying organization with the goal of making all electronic, or "smart", ticketing systems interoperable throughout Great Britain, regardless of operator or mode of transportation. With billions of transactions each year taking place on a variety of point of service terminals, ITSO Limited needed a streamlined, secure, and seamless system for certifying ticketing system hardware, software, and security. Smart ticketing was developed to make travel on public transportation more convenient by streamlining ticket purchases and use. Where a cash process is plagued with queues, disgruntled travelers, and is costly to manage, smart ticketing frees travelers from those queues, creates a simpler, automated payment process, and allows bus, train, and tube operators to invest in growing their businesses. However, because smart ticketing evolved regionally, with each area developing often-proprietary technologies, a particular challenge arose: was it possible for travelers to cross regional borders with a single smart ticket? Enter ITSO Limited, a nonprofit distributing organization. ITSO Limited tests both existing and new ticketing machines and barriers for compliance with a single, national Crown Copyright Specification. They also profile and manage the electronic data access keys in the equipment to ensure they are all coded to interact properly. ITSO Limited essentially acts as the "keeper of the keys" for members' systems.

TestTrack Relieves Growing Pains

By 2014, ITSO's membership had grown to more than 100 transport operators, governmental bodies, and manufacturers operating more than 60,000 point of service terminals. ITSO Limited realized they had outgrown their homegrown test management system—data was siloed, difficult to search, and limited to a single user at a time. With a goal of making all public transportation systems across the UK ITSO-compliant, it was essential they figure out how to expand their test management capabilities. ITSO Limited needed a single software solution that would centralize their disparate systems, facilitate access to the entire test case lifecycle from execution through reporting, and would also ease their growing pains.The ITSO certification and testing services team compared dozens of potential software solutions, eventually narrowing the list to Seapine Software's TestTrack. What sealed the deal? Find out in the customer story.