December 14, 2009

Jira Viewer

Application Lifecycle Management

This Surround SCM plugin allows you to view Jira issues from the Surround SCM client. The list window is read-only and it is meant only to serve as a reference. The following image shows a list window that uses a filter to only show tasks assigned to a user.

Jira Viewer

Note: The API was written and tested against Jira version 3.13.3. The tool may use classes and methods that have been deprecated in version 4.


The tool uses the Jira API. You will need to this installed and configured. You must be able to provide a user that can log in via the API. The tool is written in C#, and requires the .NET 3.5 framework.


Access from the Surround SCM Client

The tool is stand alone and does not need to be launched from Surround SCM. This means that you can configure this to be available from whichever menu works best for you. Please refer to the Surround SCM Custom Client Menus article for help on creating a custom menu option to access the tool.

Configuration File

The tool stores configuration information in an XML file called "config.xml", which must reside on the same directory as the application.

  • ServerAddress - (required) URL to the Jira SDK, an example could be
  • Project (required) - Jira project name to retrieve issues.
  • UserName (required) - Jira user to use to authenticate.
  • Password (required) - Password for above user. If user does not have a password, leave blank.
  • Filter (required)- Pre configured Jira filter to use.


You can download the entire Visual Studio project from here. The binary is in the bin folder, an empty configuration file is in the config folder and the Visual Studio 2008 project is in the src folder.