October 4, 2013

Join us at Medical Devices Summit Midwest

I'll be at the Medical Devices Summit Midwest show next week, handing out a booklet with excerpts from our 2013 State of Medical Device Development Report. The overall report, which compares our 2013 results with the 2011 State of Medical Device Development Survey, contains some great insight into how medical device development is changing. The big takeaway for me has been the large increase in the number of teams pursuing what we call an artifact-centric approach to their product development processes. If you look at the chart, the adoption of commercial tools to manage individual product development artifacts has doubled in the last 2 years! Seapine-Survey-Chart In conducting this survey, we heard from over 400 folks in the medical device field, from all levels and roles within the product development process. 40% of them have moved away from managing documents, and instead are using integrated solutions like TestTrack to manage all of the product development artifacts that go into producing a medical device. This includes risk and hazards, use cases, product requirements, system specs, design elements, test cases, and issues to name a few. It's good to see that more and more teams are realizing the benefits of moving away from fighting Word and Excel documents toward integrated tools that can reduce the time spent managing and proving traceability, and improve visibility into the progress of product development projects. If you're at the show, stop by to get the free booklet. If you're in the Minneapolis area but can't make the show, email us at sales@seapine.com and we'll get in touch about dropping a few copies off at your office. Hope to see you there!