February 13, 2009

Labels and the CLI

Surround SCM

Applies to Surround SCM 2009 and later

Since version 2009 has some changes to how labels work, there are also changes to the Command Line Interface (CLI). The following is a review of the CLI commands that are affected by the change in labels. Note: To view a full list of CLI commands, open a command prompt and enter sscm -h followed by the {ENTER} key. To view help on any specific command, type sscm <command> -h at the command prompt.

sscm label

This command has been left intact. If you have any scripts that use it, you shouldn't need to make any changes. You can still create a new label with the -l switch. The label created will not be hidden and will be scoped to the branch passed with the -b switch. If you want the label to be scoped globally or to be hidden, you must create the label first using the addlabel command.

sscm addlabel

New Command This is a new command that allows you to create new labels. You can specify the name, description, scope and hidden attribute. You can not add files to the label with this command. Use the label command to add files to the label.

sscm renamelabel

New Command This new command allows you rename a label. If you made a mistake on the name, and want to change it through the command line, use this command.

sscm unlabel

New Command This new command removes files from the specified label. You can remove a single file, a group of files that match a wildcard, or all files in a repository.