February 27, 2012

Learn a New Skill with Perforce eLearning



Let me guess: your day is filled with endless tasks, meetings, deadlines, emails beckoning responses, voicemails awaiting an audition -- all of this while you are trying to get that major product release out the door yesterday. In the middle of all this, your company has decided to adopt Perforce as the version control tool, or you are new to the company, hence need to come up to speed on Perforce quickly. Talk about changing tires on that runaway bus from "Speed" that cannot be slowed down (Ok, I am a movie buff). You are thinking, "how can I spare a day or two to come up to speed on Perforce!" Don't worry. We've got you covered.

You don't need a day or two of your awfully busy time to learn Perforce. First of all, newer product innovations like Streams make Perforce lot easier to use and implement. Second of all, eLearning technology, which has been around for at least a couple of decades, has come of age and now offers very compelling reasons to become the primary means of learning. Even though over the years classroom training has arguably been the best form of education,several studies suggest that eLearning enhances retention rates by 25% - 60% over traditional instructor-led training.

I've been an instructor myself in my previous life, and I can certainly relate to some of the challenges of traditional training such as information overload, or retaining the knowledge long enough until it's time to apply it. With eLearning, you have the flexibility of learning what you need, when you need it. Each course is just an hour or two long, so you can pick and choose the courses that you really need in your busy schedule. So if you are a QA manager or an Enterprise Architect just getting started on Perforce, take the "Getting Started with Perforce" module. It would take you 2 hours in total -- even if you need to split it up across a couple of lunch breaks. So go ahead and give Perforce eLearning a try.