May 18, 2010

License Use Metrics

Surround SCM
Helix ALM
Helix ALM
With the release of Surround SCM 2010 & TestTrack 2010.1, the Seapine License Server now supports logging license usage events. This presents an opportunity to better understand how licenses are being used across your Surround SCM and TestTrack installation. We've had the TT License Monitor tool for quite a while, but it provides a very limited set of data on floating licenses and nothing on named license usage. I've been excited about the new logging functionality ever since I saw the first design document, and when it was code complete I immediately put "take it for a spin" on my schedule.

Delayed Gratification

The first thing you should know is that there is no historical data to "upgrade," meaning when you first upgrade to the new version of the license server there won't be any data to look at. But from that point forward, it will begin recording usage stats and in a few weeks you'll be ready to dive in. Second, if you're not running the license server on an RDBMS you should be if you want to use this new functionality. You can manually turn on the logging for Codebase, but there is no front-end UI for the data and access to the Codebase tables outside of the license server is limited.


No UI?! Right, for now at least there are no fancy charts or graphical tools built-in to view the data. To help you get started with analyzing license usage we have created sample queries and reports showing various slices of the data. Download the samples:
  • SQL Report Services 2008 report (against SQL Server & MySQL)
  • Access 2007 database and Excel 2007 pivot table (against Codebase, very limited)
Here is the SSRS report included in the zip (for SQL Server and MySQL). ludSSRS

More Questions?

If you have questions you can read the user guide, contact support, or leave a comment. Would also love to hear back from folks in the comment section, how are you using the data and how has it helped your organization?