April 4, 2013

MathWorks at Merge 2013: Deploy triggers responsibly, enjoy automation

MERGE User Conference

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The maker of MATLAB, Simulink and Polyspace, MathWorks is the leading developer of software for engineers and scientists. Founded in 1984, MathWorks employs 2400 people in 15 countries, with headquarters in Natick, MA. Perforce enterprise version management supports its international operations and scales with the company, whose academic products inform a collaborative culture.

“I believe users should share their experience working with Perforce and help each other by giving ideas how to be more efficient and productive,” says MathWorks Principal Toolsmith Michael Mirman, a nine-year fan of Perforce and a 20-year SCM veteran. In his Merge 2013 conference talk, “Tips & Tricks for Scaling Perforce Administration,” Mirman shares his enthusiasm for keeping Perforce humming.

He advises users to define their infrastructure meta-language, making tasks like re-purposing, adding or removing servers easy. He’s also a fan of Perforce triggers, using them to deploy Perforce-stored crontabs on the right host upon submission. However, avoid getting triggerhappy, he says: “In an extensive infrastructure change-commit triggers should not ‘push’ changes. Hosts need to pull new changes, and the need to pull may be set by the trigger.” The bottom line? “Be efficient: create as much automation as possible around routine tasks and free yourself up for innovations,” says Mirman.

Hear Michael’s and other Perforce stories at Merge 2013, The Perforce Conference, April 24-26 in San Francisco.